[DogParkList] MLDX v5 K1EL WK support?

Jonathan G0DVJ g0dvj at amsat.org
Mon Feb 16 18:54:06 EST 2009

I know that Don doesn't need additional ideas for features in MLDX but
a few nice additions seem to have been implemented recently so I'll
give this a try ... it can always end up on the stack... just thought
I would canvass in case its possible.

There must be more WK (by K1EL) users for CW keying than just me.
Apparently its protocol is simpler to implement than the MicroHam
router protocol and I guess it would appeal to any Windows switchers
who use it and happen to have it rather than the MicroHam keyer
hardware. I use MicroHam USB II for data but WK for keying CW on
both radios.

OK that's it ... just another Keyer option, aka the options for rotor
hardware and callbook lookups etc. ok ... nite all.

Jonathan G0DVJ

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