[DogParkList] Comments about MLDX V5.0b11

Peter & Amy pna0tx at gmail.com
Sun Jan 25 19:55:31 EST 2009

Hi Don,
Thanks for the great work! I have just a few questions and feedback.

1. I noticed that when I import a MLDX 4.3.6 log into MLDX v5 that is
leaves an extra line at the end of the log.
Call, First Name, Last Name, etc. If I import two logs there are two
of them.

2. The log database seems to have a column for My Rig. Is there a
plan to add one for My Antenna?

3. Do you manually have to enter that information (My Rig), or is that
information planned to be added to the Station Preferences pane? (at
some time in the future, just curious)

4. When I select Connect Radio VFO, I have trouble keeping it
connected. It will connect at times, and show me the radio Rx
Frequency, but will not stay selected for more than a minute or so.
My setup is an Icom IC-706MkIIG with microHam DigiKeyer. Is there
Debug log that might tell why it keeps shutting off?

5. Also, it will occasionally show the Signal Strength bar, but it
does not consistently show it.

6. It shuts down after 10 minutes, but I know how to fix that
problem. :-)

It looks nice. I look forward to using the new version.
-- Peter Nystrom (KB5HPL)


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