[DogParkList] MacLogger v5 not on 10.4?

Fokko pa0dtl at cds.nl
Sat Jan 24 20:03:37 EST 2009

At 19:24 -0500 24-01-2009, myles landstein wrote:

>hi Fokko


>In this case I do not believe Don set out to eliminate

>support for 10.4, and I am sure he will continue to support

>the original MLDX which should run as long as your machine.

I hope so, cause I'll stick to my 10.4.11 Powerbook for a while, as
It's nicely talking to my TenTec Omni VII :-)

>Fokko, I to have a older G4 machine running Tiger and it's

>my 'ham pc' I kept it since a few programs rather old

>and unsupported but still loved won't work on 10.5 or intel--


>have been playing w/the new version on my intelbook too

I have 1 Intel iMac running 10.4 mainly for Photoshop and CAD work, 1
iMac running 10.5 (not close to my HAM area) for work, and 2 iBooks
(all 10.4; it's G3).

If I buy another Mac I just for MLDX, I think my XYL shoot me :-)

73, pa0dtl

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