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David Ferrington, M0XDF M0XDF at Alphadene.co.uk
Sat Jan 24 15:00:15 EST 2009

Close MLDX and reopen - I had the same problem
althought I thought I'd imagined it until you said the same thing.
73 de M0XDF
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On 24 Jan 2009, at 18:40, Stephen Prior wrote:


>> I have imported my old .dat file into the new logbook and all of

>> the qsos were transferred. However, there seems to have been some

>> corruption of the date which has resulted in qsos made in October

>> of this year (have not checked other years) appearing as if they

>> had been made in January.


>> In the old logbook, 20081015 115705 has become 2008-01-15 115700

>> (and other examples follow the same pattern).


>> Whilst on the subject, I would appreciate a European date option

>> with Maclogger as I do find 2008-01-15 not exactly intuitive at

>> first glance!


>> 73 Stephen G4SJP

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