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Don and group:
Below is some updated info on a spotting cluster I use. I assume it will need to be updated in an upcoming update in MLDX to continue working (?). If not, tell me how to change it so I can continue accessing it.

Fellow Club Members,

I have been hosting and running the CLX NC7J cluster for the last several years with the help of NG7M (Max George). The qrq.com domain is going away and in the next few days you won't be able to connect to our cluster unless you update your telnet and web browser addresses in your Logging software/web browser.

We just changed domain names and need to have you change your telnet connects for NC7J. Right now your incoming connects to NC7J are using nc7j.qrq.com as the host name:

i.e. you are connecting right now to nc7j.qrq.com

The new telnet connection is clx.nc7j.com 8000

The new web site address is http://www.nc7j.com/

The above addresses work right now.

It's been a long run with QRQ.COM. Time marches and life changes. I am going to miss the really cool QRQ (it means send faster) address.

We fixed some problem:

The java script log-in now works better. Remember it was given to us for free and the fellow is German (passwort=password). Once you connect using the popup box, a second popup box appears. click on connect again and you should be on the cluster.

The web interface has been updated so all the time frames have a connection to QRZ.COM. In words if you click on a call it will give you the qrz.com lookup for that call.

We fixed a few broken links.

I have AR-Cluster software (and the license) so in a few weeks I will be hosting second cluster on nc7j.com. This one will use AR-Cluster software and will have the same call with different telnet and web addresses.

Hopefully our incoming spot connections will remain with us and we taken action have them change host names.


Jim W7CT/ Max NG7M

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