[DogParkList] Re: what constitutes a dup?

Don Agro dagro at dogparksoftware.com
Fri Sep 30 06:56:20 EDT 2005

Hi Chuck,

On 30-Sep-05, at 2:01 AM, Chuck Gould wrote:

> Duplicate information text is displayed now, just below the title bar.

If the DXCC ID is already in your log when you (or the DXCluster Auto  
Lookup) looks up a call - the status line displays the QSO time, the  
call, the DXCC country the QQSO start time and the frequency in the  
same text line that is used for radio status if the debug log is  
turned on. If there is no dupe looked up since the start of your  
session it will still show the status of your radio CAT connection ie  
"Radio ... Connected on Port SXProSS54.4" etc.

Note - this is a DXCC ID exact match.

> I think, before, it would display the DX Cluster you were  
> connected, if any.

No, that was never displayed there. The DXCluster (if connected) was  
(and still is) displayed in the title bar above the status line.

> The call entered is NOT a duplicate contact. This is a NEW contact  
> in a different band and/or mode, albeit with the same call sign.

No, it is not a contact at all - it is a lookup which has been  
flagged as being in your log.

The dupe status text above works on DXCC exact match but the lookup  
function will also work on partial calls.
For example you could lookup just "VE3" and find all the VE3's in  
your log.

If there were no matches - no flashing red dot - if there are one or  
more matches - flashing red dot.

The flashing red dot (like the flashing tab before it) alerts you to  
the fact that there are one or more entries in your "Previous" tab -  
in case you want to look at them. It is the ONLY visible indication  
that there are any contacts in the Previous Tab - and as such it is  
essential (not mission critical).

This saves you from having to open the Previous Contacts Tab to find  
out if there is anything there.

I would find it pretty annoying having to check the tab after every  
lookup just to see if there was anything there.

> I don't understand the significance.

Well hopefully the above description will help you with that.

> I'm missing something.

Yes, but then MacLoggerDX is a large and complex program and very few  
actually use all the features. It's just that most people don't  
campaign so vigorously for the removal of features that they aren't  
personally interested in.

> I suppose it's nice to say "Hi, looks like we talked on such and  
> such date". Maybe that's all it's meant for.

Most people would say that it's more than 'nice' - it's essential to  
know when that call that comes over the cluster is a 'worked before'  
or not.

It is the general status indicator for any lookup whether manual or  

> In a contest, you have the helper, where you can set conditions for  
> what's considered dups. But, it is just a helper and you still need  
> to enter contact information normally. This DX contact (K7C, Kure  
> Atoll) really isn't a contest, but they do track multiple band/ 
> modes. Since it wasn't a regular contest (where I use contest  
> specific s/w, N3FJP's), I thought I could just start using MLDX.  
> So, my perception of what is flagged as a dup is based on contest  
> software experience, which does NOT consider different band/mode a  
> dup.

I don't get your point. If you want the power and flexibility of user- 
configurable dupe checking then use the Contest Helper - if not then  
just watch for the flashing dot. I am not getting rid of a useful  
feature just because it doesn't fit your personal definition of a Dupe.

> In any event, I do like the new configuration much better than  
> b13's. It's nice the Previous tab doesn't change (or flash...). The  
> single text line with dup info really isn't intrusive, and is nice  
> for the casual "dup" definition (the "Hi, we talked back on..."  
> definition).

Well it's nice to know that you sorta, almost, approve of the design.

> Maybe some others in the mail list have comments? (other than shut- 
> up already about it? ;)

I wouldn't hold my breath - 5 of them have unsubscribed since last  
night :(

If you want to continue this with the other members of the list, feel  
free, but I have to get back to work.

73 Don Agro VE3VRW

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