[DogParkList] what constitutes a dup?

Chuck Gould gr8tfly at chiligraphics.com
Fri Sep 30 02:01:43 EDT 2005


Well, this isn't to do with flashing, at least.

Not a bug. Just discussing what constitutes a dup.

Duplicate information text is displayed now, just below the title  
bar. I think, before, it would display the DX Cluster you were  
connected, if any. The call entered is NOT a duplicate contact. This  
is a NEW contact in a different band and/or mode, albeit with the  
same call sign. I don't understand the significance. I'm missing  
something. I suppose it's nice to say "Hi, looks like we talked on  
such and such date". Maybe that's all it's meant for. In a contest,  
you have the helper, where you can set conditions for what's  
considered dups. But, it is just a helper and you still need to enter  
contact information normally. This DX contact (K7C, Kure Atoll)  
really isn't a contest, but they do track multiple band/modes. Since  
it wasn't a regular contest (where I use contest specific s/w,  
N3FJP's), I thought I could just start using MLDX. So, my perception  
of what is flagged as a dup is based on contest software experience,  
which does NOT consider different band/mode a dup.

In any event, I do like the new configuration much better than b13's.  
It's nice the Previous tab doesn't change (or flash...). The single  
text line with dup info really isn't intrusive, and is nice for the  
casual "dup" definition (the "Hi, we talked back on..." definition).

Maybe some others in the mail list have comments? (other than shut-up  
already about it? ;)



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