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Don Agro dagro at dogparksoftware.com
Fri Sep 30 00:55:27 EDT 2005

Hi Chuck,

On 30-Sep-05, at 12:29 AM, Chuck Gould wrote:

> As mentioned in earlier email - I did say obviously, a lot of  
> commercial s/w doesn't need to hold to that standard (and doesn't).  
> But, it is still a standard held in industry (not military).  
> Factory automation software is one example. Anyway, I was just  
> using it as an example that "flashing" is an attention getter which  
> should reserved for critical notifications.

Nonsense - the dot separators on the digital clock in my Mac menu bar  
flash - nothing critical about that.

The dots in the MLDX UTC time display have flashed since day one -  
and no one has yet called them 'mission critical'.

> But - once I've noticed it's a dup, I don't need it to be flashing  
> anymore. I have it [MLDX] sitting there with K7C in the call input  
> box for possibly HOURS ready to log a fleeting contact. I don't  
> think that's unreasonable (having a call pre-entered while  
> attempting a contact).

That just doesn't jive with normal DXCluster activity. Calls are  
replaced every few minutes - or even seconds. It is VERY rare to have  
a call sitting there for hours.

> This "dup" flag is even MORE noticeable now that it's RED, as  
> opposed to when it was just gray/black (I know, that was probably  
> your intention...)

No the flashing tab was eating up CPU cycles and was hard to activate  
between flashes. This is an improvement - that's why I took the time  
to implement it.

> It just doesn't seem to be that "mission critical" to have a dup,

Where are you getting this mission critical stuff ? I'm sorry Chuck  
but I think you are way out in left field on this one.

> especially if it's not a contest. Casual contacts that are dups  
> would seem to be pretty common - it's nice to see when, and how  
> many times you've QSO'd with someone. I don't really need something  
> flashing at me the whole time I'm in a QSO.

It's not flashing "AT" you and it's pretty easy to ignore if you  
choose to. It's there to let you know that you have this call in your  
log - that's all - and it does it pretty well I think.

> Obviously, this has been up for discussion in the past, so I'm  
> probably rehashing old ground for you.

No I can honestly say that no one else has taken the time to beat  
this particular horse to death before.

73 Don Agro VE3VRW

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