[DogParkList] Another happy customer

Don Agro dagro at dogparksoftware.com
Wed Aug 24 02:09:31 EDT 2005

Hi Randy,

You never emailed me even once to complain but instead slagged off  
the program in public -


If you had bothered to email me I could have told you that the date  
format is up to you and how you set it in your system preferences -  
and - VK0SJ can be logged as Macquarie Island like this "VK0SJ-M".  
The "-M" is there in BIG RED LETTERS and is stripped off before being  
sent to ADIF. Ambiguous calls like this are dealt with at length in  
the manual.

If you find these problems "REALLY annoying" as you said in your  
review - why didn't you spend the 10 seconds to send me an email  
instead of whining about it on eHam ?

If the flaws in MacLoggerDX are so egregious and so painfully obvious  
then why don't you write something better than MacLoggerDX or get  
involved and share your superior design expertise with the developer  
and the other users instead of just whining away on eHam where the  
only effect will be to hasten the demise of the product in a field  
where there are very few people willing to devote their time and energy.

73 Don Agro VE3VRW

D o g   P a r k   S o f t w a r e   L t d .

email: dagro at dogparksoftware.com
   www: http://www.dogparksoftware.com
     iChat AV:dogpark at mac.com

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