[reportlab-users] Symbol not found in flat namespace when running on macOS 12.0.1

Markus Gerards mail at markus-gerards.de
Tue Nov 16 09:46:32 EST 2021

Hi Robin,

> this makes sense, but I suppose you don't have the build log as pip 
> probably hides the build_ext command output. What does your otool say 
> about the created package ie is there a _renderPM.so somewhere in the 
> venv lib. That was the thing that used freetype. So the renderPM 
> package can use ttf fonts.

hmmm… it still does not reference anything of freetype…. But it 
still works, so I really don’t know, what was the problem before. I 
only saw other libraries that where you can read out the reference of 
the shared library and my assumption was that the same is true with this 
But I think running pip with the additional command is a feasible 
workaround for the moment.
I guess things are getting more transparent when macOS 12 hits the build 


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