[reportlab-users] End of python2.7 support

Robin Becker robin at reportlab.com
Mon Jul 26 04:08:34 EDT 2021

As python2.7 is now an officially  dead parrot Python 2.7 support has ceased with the last patch release 3.5.68. The 
next release will be 3.6.0 and is targeted at 3.6+.

Some minor changes have already been made to assist support for Python 3.10.0, but it's not yet clear when 3.10 wheels 
will be built.

In case of real desperation the current 3.5 code has been turned into branch py-2-3 of the mercurial repository which is 
available here https://hg.reportlab.com/hg-public/reportlab
Robin Becker

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