[reportlab-users] Fwd: Get rid of uniChr

cito at online.de cito at online.de
Thu Dec 30 12:11:32 EST 2021

On 30.12.2021 14:06, Robin Becker wrote:
> that worked fine for me after I removed some usage of uniChr elsewhere. 
> Interestingly I got a strange error from my version of Python-3.11; not 
> sure what could cause this (cosmic ray?), but I don't think it has 
> anything to do with the patch

The test_platypus_index uses the randomText method. This may in some 
rare cases produce text that cannot be spitted properly.

You should probably make the tests repeatable by using a fixed seed for 
the random generators. If there are additional  truly random tests, they 
should be clearly marked as such, and output the input data they used so 
that possible failures can be reproduced.

-- Christoph

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