[reportlab-users] Acroform text widget alignment

Chris Else ubuntu247 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 8 06:01:16 EDT 2020


I'm trying to create a PDF containing an interactive form, where the
Textfield widgets have centered text.

I can achieve what I want by modifying the ReportLab generated PDF, but
it's not ideal and a bit brutal.

import fitz
import re

pdf = fitz.open("original.pdf")

for w in pdf[0].widgets():
    # Not 100% sure this is the best way to add /Q 1
    contents = re.sub("^  /", "  /Q 1\n  /", pdf.xrefObject(w.xref), 1,
    pdf.updateObject(w.xref, contents)


In terms of PDF specification, I'm trying to add "/Q 1" to the widget's
/Annot dictionary.

In the ReportLab source code, src/reportlab/pdfbase/pdfform.py there is a
definition for TextFieldPattern.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how I may override this?
Or the possibility to add an alignment option to the textfield method?

Thank you.

Chris Else
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