[reportlab-users] Multiple hyphenation issue

Robin Becker robin at reportlab.com
Thu Apr 2 15:33:49 EDT 2020

On 02/04/2020 18:56, Christoph Zwerschke wrote:
> Am 02.04.2020 um 19:30 schrieb Robin Becker:
>  >> If you can send me the latest paragraph.py I can give it a try. Or is
>  >> it in a branch in the repository?
>  >>
>  > see attached.
> Nice! I can confirm that the multi hyphenation now works, and the soft hyphens are now also working as expected.
> Would be great to have a relase with this improvement.
> -- Christoph
it can be done, but I normally don't like to release half finished work as soft-hyphens will fail as soon as someone 
uses a <b>Bold</b> word. I'll try hard to think how to make the mult frag stuff to work.

Also I think your patch was on the right track, my version might be a bit overkilled, but I haven't yet tried all the 
ways word splitting can go wrong.
Robin Becker

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