[reportlab-users] Python 3.8 wheels

Marius Gedminas marius at gedmin.as
Tue Oct 22 11:43:19 EDT 2019

On Tue, Oct 22, 2019 at 04:20:17PM +0100, Robin Becker wrote:
> Hi Marius,
> I'm waiting on manylinux multibuild at present as well as Pillow packages

Is it necessary to upload manylinux wheels at the same time as Window

Pillow has uploaded 3.8 wheels to PyPI at some point within the last 24

> The ci's appveyor and travis are also still pending last time I looked.

Travis has Python 3.8 final already.

Appveyor doesn't have 3.8 yet, but should in about a week:

Pillow uses an interesting hack to install Python 3.8 on Appveyor:
(although I wonder why they use 3.8.0rc1 rather than the final build;
that PowerShell script uses installers from www.python.org
and so should work with the final one too).

> I have managed to build locally with 3.8.0 and all the tests are still
> passing.

My Linux jobs that use ReportLab are also running fine with 3.8.  It's
the Windows ones without a C compiler that are annoyingly red ;)

Marius Gedminas
Knoll's Law of Media Accuracy: Everything you read in the newspapers is
absolutely true except for that rare story of which you happen to have
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