[reportlab-users] pdf-with-embedded-ttf-font-does-not-print

Yannick Gosteli @ PETZI yannick.gosteli at petzi.ch
Thu May 3 06:47:34 EDT 2018


I experiment a similar problem and I would like to convert all my texts 
to curves as suggested.
I spent time to find a way to do that, especially in the file 
'reportlab/graphics/chargs/textlabels.py' as suggested below, but 
without any success.
Would you mind to give me an example how to convert characters into curves?

Thank you

Le 07. 03. 18 à 12:44, Robin Becker a écrit :
> On 07/03/2018 08:50, Massa, Harald Armin wrote:
>> 2018-03-07 9:41 GMT+01:00 Henning von Bargen <H.vonBargen at t-p.com>:
>> Anyhow: a solution would be the "convert glyphes to curves", which is 
>> one
>> of the common workarounds in printing to not be required to embed the
>> fonts. The letters are converted into curves.  That may or may not 
>> increase
>> the PDF size; it makes it much more challenging to index the text 
>> inside;
>> but it makes it easier to print.
>> Could there be an operation to do this in the canvas.save() of 
>> reportlab?
>> Hard thing to program, but must likely more joyfull than hunting down
>> timing issues in a multi-version and multiple-printers windows network.
> .....
> It's fairly easy to convert characters to curves and then render 
> those. We have some code to do
> the conversion in reportlab/graphics/charts/testlabels.py.
> It would be much harder to get allthe text output points in the canvas 
> to do the right thing.
> Presumably a font that's to be glyphed would need to indicate that to 
> the code in textobject
> which would need to actually render in drawingmode and handle all the 
> other actions and text
> state changes etc etc.
> Assuming we could get the path rendering working there's an issue with 
> the result not being copyable
> ie the PDF renderers won't know that the paths even are text so it 
> probably isn't even selectable.

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