[reportlab-users] Hyphenation

Robin Becker robin at reportlab.com
Fri Jun 22 12:08:00 EDT 2018

Hi Lele,

I have mostly got hyphenation working using Pyphen. Currently about 5 tests fail because of simple paragraph corner cases 
involving splits.

I will try and finish a working version next week.

Unfortunately my simple approach is also trying to hyphenate things like URLS which I suppose should be handled separately.

Also currently I lack a way to get just the word and not non-alpahabetics. I suppose that should be easy if we know what 
constitutes hyphenatable matter. Any ideas welcome.

I am presently running with the idea of using a string setting to indicate what language so my settings override has


which corresponds to one of the pyphen dictionaries. This gets into the style and is used only if pyphen can be imported.
Robin Becker

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