[reportlab-users] Table cell too large vertically

Blake McBride blake1024 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 22 10:50:38 EDT 2016


I am running reportlab 3.3.0 with Python 2.7.6.  I've defined a table.
When the number of rows exceeds the page size, reportlab correctly causes a
new page to start.  Great.  The problem I am having is sometimes the
vertical size of a single cell exceeds the vertical space of the page.  I
would expect reportlab to print as much of the row as it can on the page,
and then print the rest of the same row on a new page.  In other words, if
the size of a single row exceeds the vertical space on a whole page,
reporlab should split the extra large row into multiple pages rather than
issue an exception.  The line that causes the error is:

doc.build(elements, onFirstPage=__pageFooter, onLaterPages=__pageFooter)

 The error I am getting is:

<<class 'reportlab.platypus.doctemplate.LayoutError'>
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/blake/XXX/YYYY/report.py", line 342, in report
line 1200, in build
    BaseDocTemplate.build(self,flowables, canvasmaker=canvasmaker)
line 956, in build
line 851, in handle_flowable
    raise LayoutError(ident)
LayoutError: Flowable <Table at 0x7FC37B5DD290 20 rows x 5 cols(tallest row
558)> with cell(0,0) containing
'Col Heading 3' (705 x 4788), tallest cell 558.0 points,  too large on page
2 in frame 'normal'(636.0 x 456.0*) of template 'Later'

Any help would sure be appreciated.

Blake McBride
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