[reportlab-users] New machine, install problems

Robin Becker robin at reportlab.com
Mon Nov 30 05:09:21 EST 2015


the major version at pypi lacks 3.5 support as 3.5 arrived well after it was 
released. However, you can get the latest micro builds by visiting


or by using the -ihttps://www.reportlab.com/pypi option with pip.

You will need a user id and login which can be obtained here


If you are already using this route can you say what file was actually down loaded.

On 30/11/2015 04:06, Glenn Linderman wrote:
> Old machine overheating, so time for a new one. Installed Python 3.5.0.
> Need to install reportlab. "pip install reportlab" worked somewhat, downloading
> both reportlab and pillow, but then failed:
>      running build_ext
>      building 'reportlab.lib._rl_accel' extension
>      error: [WinError 2] The system cannot find the file specified
looks like this is a source version and pip is trying to build the extension, 
but that fails if you lack the compiler infrastructure etc etc.
Robin Becker

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