[reportlab-users] How to mark a specific point in line plot?

K 華 k940545 at hotmail.com
Fri Nov 20 04:24:02 EST 2015

hi,  I made my PDF with reportlab recent days, and draw a line plot in my reportnow I need to mark  max/min point  in my  line  plot, and my  code  is like  below
lp.lines[0].symbol = makeMarker('FilledCircle')lp.lines[0].strokeDashArray = [5, 1] lp.lines[(0,2)].symbol.fillColor = colors.green

however  it  doesn't  work  at  the  point(0, 2) filled  greendid I  use  the  wrong  way  to  achieve  target?  or  is  there  another  way  to  make this  target working?thanks for your help
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