[reportlab-users] format error? Boy is that confusing!

Robin Becker robin at reportlab.com
Thu May 28 06:01:52 EDT 2015


in latest bitbucket there's an adjustment to the code which allows the behaviour 
you want or sorts according to all labels being equal.

The rl_settings.py file contains

errorOnDuplicatePageLabelPage= 0
       #if True will cause repeated PageLabel page numbers to raise an error.

so you can set to 1/True to get a suitable message when the PageLabel sort takes 

Best place to do the change is documented in rl_config.py ie

	reportlab_settings.py or ~/.reportlab_settings

so leave the rl_settings.py file alone and create a reportlab_settings.py on the 
python path etc etc; not that the ~/.rl_settings file has no extension.
Robin Becker

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