[reportlab-users] Python 3 support back on the 'default' branch; reportlab 3.1 coming.

Andy Robinson andy at reportlab.com
Wed Mar 26 14:03:38 EDT 2014

Hi everyone,

Some announcements for the handful of people who closely watch our repos....

We developed the reportlab 3.0 release on a new branch called 'py33'.
In the past month, we have done the same to our commercial library
which sits on top of it, and finished a heavy cycle of testing. This
involved some minor bug fixes.

Today, we switched branches so that
- 'py33' becomes 'default' - the new code which runs on Pythons 2.7,
3.3, and 3.4
- py33 branch is marked as closed
- old 'default' becomes 'py27', and will be used for any legacy bug fixes

We will also shortly issue a 3.1.X release, hopefully before end of
month. There are some subtle Unicode fixes and we can now handle

We have also ended up deciding to bump our version numbers internally
on almost every change. This is less work for us than having a lot of
'alpha' and 'pre' and 'post' packages flying around. We will only go
through the bother of creating numerous binaries and uploading to pypi
on changes we consider significant or worthwhile, and when the
packaged software passes all installation tests (which is not always
true when the changes mostly involve the deployment). If you really
want to see every change, just follow the code on Bitbucket.

Finally, our commercial package can now be installed with one line
using pip, pulling in all the dependencies. This will be release in
sync with reportlab. We hope that more of you will be encouraged to
try this out and consider 'upgrading'; this would be the best way to
support our future development of the core software.

Best Regards.

Andy Robinson
Managing Director
ReportLab Europe Ltd.
Thornton House, Thornton Road, Wimbledon, London SW19 4NG, UK
Tel +44-20-8405-6420

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