[reportlab-users] EuroPython 2014 is over

Dinu Gherman gherman at darwin.in-berlin.de
Wed Jul 30 05:05:52 EDT 2014

Andy Robinson:

> As you know, EuroPython clashed with a family vacation of mine, as
> well as a very busy period for us at work.  But in a couple of years
> my kids will have (I hope) moved on, summers will be more free, and I
> look forward to attending these again and contributing as we used to
> ten years ago.   Until then, ReportLab would be very happy to provide
> a hosted web service to create any badges or documents needed for any
> future Python events, if people contact us early enough.
> It works best if people say to us, well in advance,  "here is the data
> (json? XML?, HTML?), and here is how I want it to look...".   We are
> then free to use a lot of features we can't release, as well as our 14
> years of experience, to create something which can accept a simple
> HTTP request and create the needed document.

I appreciate your offer, but real life experience shows that there simply are too many last minute changes (not only content-wise) preventing one from outsourcing this to some other service who is likely too busy to apply them manually at 2 am in the morning. I'll post a link here to the final programme as PDF as soon as I have it.

> Was there a decision on the date and location for the next one?  I
> would google for it, but am constrained by very poor bandwidth this
> week...

No need to google, you won't find anything. And I cannot say much in public about this here. But there were some clashes between the EuroPython Society and the local team, which basically had to assume the entire financial risk.



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