[reportlab-users] Python 3.x progress

Robin Becker robin at reportlab.com
Mon Jan 13 08:17:15 EST 2014

On 13/01/2014 12:48, Marius Gedminas wrote:

>>> Pillow-2.3.0 is broken for gifs on linux and windows.


>> Can you link to the issue? Usually Pillow's upstream is responsive and

>> cares about their bugs.


> Okay, I found these bugs:

> https://github.com/python-imaging/Pillow/issues/434 (in progress)

> https://github.com/python-imaging/Pillow/issues/403 (fixed)

> https://github.com/python-imaging/Pillow/issues/312 (fixed)

> https://github.com/python-imaging/Pillow/issues/211 (fixed)


I'm not sure if any is the bug I see. Bug 434 says that there's a mis-conversion
going from palette to RGB. I am having a problem converting from RGB to Palette.
Robin Becker

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