[reportlab-users] [Bitbucket] Issue #22: add '~/.fonts' (for user fonts on Ubuntu) to TTFSearchPath (rptlab/reportlab)

Robin Becker robin at reportlab.com
Thu Feb 27 08:10:14 EST 2014

I added some plausible locations to the search paths and hopefully they will now
be found. Also revamped the initialization of settings and modifications.

When reportlab is imported we try to use dynamic modifications from

optional reportlab_mods.py or ~/.reportlab_mods

reportlab_mods.py can be anywhere on PYTHONPATH. If not present we try
~/.reportlab_mods which although not a .py file is treated as a python source

When reportlab.rl_config is imported we pick up settings from

optional reportlab.local_rl_settings.py
optional reportlab_settings.py or ~/.reportlab_settings

again reportlab_settings.py can be anywhere on PYTHONPATH and if not present we
try to read and exec ~/.reportlab_settings into our defaults namespace. Andy
thinks (and I agree) it is probably wrong to use a ~/.reportlab file if an
application specific one is present.
Robin Becker

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