[reportlab-users] Styling within platypus flowables

Nick Moffitt nick+chordlab at zork.net
Thu Feb 13 05:38:03 EST 2014

Given that we're now clearer on what sort of page layout I'm describing,
is there any advice on how best to handle this sort of layout with
platypus? Or should I just stick to writing to the canvas directly, and
do my own reflowing and line/page breaking by hand?

Nick Moffitt:

> But the lyrics aren't as "flowable" as paragraph data, really, and there

> are some cursor positioning tricks the author of chordlab used to pause

> word rendering and hop up a line temporarily to print the chord name.

> Additionally, I'd like my version to support an optional rendering mode

> where small copies of the fingering boxes can be displayed above the

> lyrics as well, as an aide to novice players.


> Most of the examples I find online don't get beyond throwing raw

> <i>tags</i> into the Paragraph object's string payload, and I'm finding

> the user guide rather daunting without the aid of some added context.

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