[reportlab-users] path error

Werner wernerfbd at gmx.ch
Mon Aug 11 06:46:02 EDT 2014

Hi Jose,

On 8/11/2014 12:27, Jose M.Allegue wrote:
> I  know this a Python FAQ
> I have been learnig python for the last four months. It is not to 
> much, anyway I will try to solve the problem in google.
You do realize that you have to install modules/packages in each Python 

An easy way to check is using the Python Launcher which is installed on 
Windows as of Py3.3.

In a command prompt (DOS) type:

This will launch the last installed Python version, you can also force a 
particular version, e.g.:

py -2.7

Now to check that you have e.g. ReportLab installed in a particular 
Python version just type at the Python prompt:

 >>> import reportlab

if it is installed you should see this:
 >>> import reportlab

Hope this helps

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