[reportlab-users] Position Paragraph or how to get current position

Mike Driscoll mike at pythonlibrary.org
Mon Oct 21 13:29:48 EDT 2013

Hi Robin,

On Mon, Oct 21, 2013 at 11:34 AM, Robin Becker <robin at reportlab.com> wrote:

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> Mike,


> our paragraphs try to use all the horizontal space available to them. That

> means the container doesn't control where the paragraph aligns itself.

> That's a problem if you want ragged right and aligned right as I don't

> think we can do that.



> For traditional left/right center etc (and ignoring any cell padding

> issues) you need to set the paragraph's style.alignment to one of



> reportlab.lib.enums)


> to get the desired behaviour. The default is TA_LEFT.

> --

> Robin Becker


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I actually figured out a way to accomplish what I wanted. I just created a
custom ParagraphStyle and set the leftIndent parameter to -50, which made
it line up where I needed it. Thanks for your advice though.

Mike Driscoll

Blog: http://blog.pythonlibrary.org
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