[reportlab-users] Setting TrueType fonts in table cell

Nils Smeds nils.smeds at gmail.com
Sun Oct 13 02:42:16 EDT 2013

> I think the error is that you are re-using the canvas at the end of the


That is probably most certain. Thing is that I want to generate a document
that first contains a number of result tables for my swim club and then
generates a set of diplomas for the swimmers.

When starting this project all I had as input was the users guide which in
all examples I read refers to the SimpleDocTemplate. I'd be happy to use a
more suitable setup if I could find references as to how to use a
"ComplexDocTemplate". Would it be possible to get some references to more
complex layouts and what is provided by the existing Templates (and how to
create your own if that is what it takes) on the FAQ page or in the use's

Someone who has done this and feels up to making a first draft for others
to build upon?

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