[reportlab-users] reportlab-users Digest, Vol 112, Issue 14

Dinu Gherman gherman at darwin.in-berlin.de
Wed May 29 16:12:12 EDT 2013

Mike Driscoll:

> Actually, it is still the funky "P" thing I mentioned earlier, but I never received much of a response then. I got one digest that seemed to be commenting on someone's answer, but I couldn't find the actual answer. Fortunately, at the time, no one at my company cared about the "P", but it seems I need to re-implement this after all and now it's important again.

I'm not sure if you mean these two postings of mine or not:


In any case it looks like using customized fonts like these can easily
cause hard to find bugs. I'd still prefer using a subset of a widely
tested font like Code2000 (mentioned in the above postings) even if
that means using the proper Unicode codes.

BTW, this problem might become worse in the future with services I've
discovered recently like http://fontello.com and friends...



PS: Also, useful subject lines can be, well, pretty useful, at a later
point of time. ;-)

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