[reportlab-users] overline support

Andy Robinson andy at reportlab.com
Mon Mar 25 09:24:52 EDT 2013

On 25 March 2013 13:06, Volker Haas <volker.haas at brainbot.com> wrote:

> If I am not mistaken reportlab currently does not support overlines in the

> text (via html-like tags).

> Is there a plan to add that?


You are the first person to ask!

It won't go in this week's release but is a perfectly reasonable thing
to add, technically. Can you give some examples of where it would be
useful? Also, do you have any thoughts on how it should behave if
the items in the line have varying font sizes? I honestly have no
idea what the 'rules' should be nor how high above the text the lines
should appear.

Maybe it's a good idea to use the new wiki on bitbucket to add a
feature specification? A well-thought-out spec would make it much
more likely to happen. We have an open issue about underlining
(sometimes the underline extends by an extra space) which is very hard
to fix with our current paragraph parsing and if we rework this soon,
it would be a good time to add overlines.

- Andy

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