[reportlab-users] Removal of global paraparser

Andy Robinson andy at reportlab.com
Sun Mar 17 14:46:08 EDT 2013

I have just committed a very small change which gets rid of the global
paragraph parser, and instantiates it for each Paragraph.

We had a real-world case of threading problems which were probably
down to this.

The result is roughly a 10% performance hit on paragraph-intensive
applications (such as demos/odyssey/dodyssey.py). On the other hand,
80+ flowing pages per second on my laptop is still not bad, and I
think stability takes priority.

After the next release we plan to get rid of the old parser (which
uses a copy of Python's old xmllib) altogether, and replace it with
something based on cElementTree. This should more than win back the
above and remove the need to cache a parser.

Best Regards,

Andy Robinson

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