[reportlab-users] Handling TrueType fonts not allowing subsetting

Dinu Gherman gherman at darwin.in-berlin.de
Thu Jun 20 02:17:30 EDT 2013

Andy Robinson:

> My first instinct is to add

> - a function which can grab and install any font you pick from the

> Google directory in a reportlab/fonts

> - a command to do the same, installed by the setup script

> - a command to generate a test PDF showing off all the glyps and doing

> the metrics.

Sounds cool! google.com/fonts has a mechanism for downloading a zip archive of a specified font collection, but I'm not sure it would be easy/desireable to hijiack it. Otherwise you can probably always host a cloned repo on your site and download from there.

Saying that, I wonder if a simple general font installer would be a nice to have thingy on PyPI as a tool to install fonts from multiple sources into some configurable local place?



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