[reportlab-users] Database reporting

Werner F. Bruhin werner.bruhin at free.fr
Thu Jun 13 09:57:55 EDT 2013


On 02/06/2013 14:44, Andy Robinson wrote:

> I'm not familiar with Geraldo, Dabo etc as we don't do much database

> reporting in house, but there is definitely a scope for a good higher

> level solution here and it would be great to hear feedback about them

> on the list...

With the help of Paul I got very far with Dabo ReportDesigner/Writer.

- my "notes" field/column can flow over multiple pages without problem
- I can feed my data coming out of SQLAlchemy to the Dabo reporting tools

I am still testing and learning the Dabo reporting tools but I have a
good feeling that I can do my database reporting using these tools


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