[reportlab-users] Database reporting

Werner F. Bruhin werner.bruhin at free.fr
Sat Jun 1 01:45:46 EDT 2013

Tried to send it via gmane yesterday, but it doesn't show up, so trying
again directly.


I am looking at ReportLab do generate listing type reports for data
coming out of a database (via SQLAlchemy).

Listing needs to be able to show one or more lines per SA result row and
have optional groupings.

Looking around for sample code but haven't found anything which does
that, the closest is probably this -

Is using tables the right approach for this or ....?

Would appreciate any pointers.


I have used PythonReports for things like this but hit a limit that it
can not deal with large text fields (comments/reviews of wines) which
can span more than a page.

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