[reportlab-users] Reportlab Issue Tracker on BitBucket.org

Dinu Gherman gherman at darwin.in-berlin.de
Tue Jan 22 17:37:04 EST 2013


I've started a BitBucket clone of the reportlab SVN repo, mostly to
collect issues found with the code (and browsing it). For that purpose
it's ok that BB doesn't import the history. The issue tracker is con-
figured to enable any anonymous user to create issues:


Depending on if and how other users start collecting issues here I'll
think about synchronizing this repo on BB (one way) by pulling from the
master SVN one. I think BB doesn't provide such a regular synchroniza-

As issue #1 I've added just now the buglet I've described on this list
on Jan, 17th:


It also describes a known fix to it (the smallest being a two byte chan-
ge, adding the missing parentheses), which apparently was not yet app-
lied in SVN when I checked a few minutes ago.



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