[reportlab-users] Python 3.x progress

Andy Robinson andy at reportlab.com
Wed Dec 11 09:36:52 EST 2013

A quick update for anyone itching to play....

Our py33 branch is now passing all tests with both Python 2.7 and
Python 3.3, running internally under our Jenkins instance. We would
welcome any feedback compiling on different platforms, as we have just
done Ubuntu 12.04 so far, and there's a lot been done on C extensions.

However, we are currently depending (temporarily) on the pyRXPU parser
to parse paragraph XML. To play with it you would need to

1. install pyRXP source (http://bitbucket.org/rptlab/pyRXP), update to
'py33' branch, compile.
2. then the same for reportlab

We hope to switch this out for expat, eTree or something 'already in
Python' before Christmas. At the moment those parsers behave with
annoying differences across Python 2.7 and 3.3, so our next step is to
work around that.

Thereafter, we can swap branches so this is on trunk and the older
code is on a stable maintenance branch, and prepare some kind of alpha
release for wider testing via pip / easy_install.

- Andy

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