[reportlab-users] SplitImage flowable

Dinu Gherman gherman at darwin.in-berlin.de
Thu Apr 11 10:09:03 EDT 2013

I wrote:

> I've written a SplitImage flowable, that should be able to wrap and

> split "long" images as they seem to become increasingly popular on the

> net in Platypus documents. It only splits vertically without squeezing

> the image horizontally into an available frame, which would be rather

> easy to do in a preprocessing step.


> So far, I haven't tested it very much, but wrapping/splitting in the

> attached code sample seems to work. There are some shortcomings, though,

> to which I'd like to solicit comments from the knowledgable people on

> this list.


> One issue is that the code generates temporary files on the disk which

> I'd like to avoid, but the Image flowable seems to make that hard, or

> maybe I haven't done it as expected, yet. And the second is, that the

> code for the splitting is slightly obscur, and I wonder if there is a

> better way of accessing the flowable's internal image instead of making

> a new one for it?

For those who are interested, the solution without temporary files is
attached to this posting... (and it also looks less obscure).



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