[reportlab-users] ReportLab 2.7 accelerators

Lele Gaifax lele at metapensiero.it
Thu Apr 4 12:23:24 EDT 2013

[Sorry for multiple posts, I'm having problems with the subscription]

Trying out release 2.7, I notice that the setup step emits the

$ pip install reportlab
Downloading/unpacking reportlab
Downloading reportlab-2.7.tar.gz (1.7MB): 1.7MB downloaded
Running setup.py egg_info for package reportlab
*No rl_accel code found, you can obtain it at *
!No rl_accel code found, you can obtain it at !
!http://www.reportlab.org/downloads.html !
Standard T1 font curves already downloaded

but at the referenced location there is no "rl_accel", while there is

Is that correct? And does that mean that one should build the
accelerator /before/ installing RL 2.7?

Thank you,
bye, lele.
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