[reportlab-users] Building a PDF file with Images and "OCR" searchable text

Tim Meneely meneelyt at gmail.com
Mon Sep 24 12:42:40 EDT 2012

I hope this isn't so basic as to be insulting, but if you're looking for a
nudge to get going, I was happy using the techniques described here:
to place image files on a page, and then using basic canvas and drawString
techniques to add text to them. The text written with drawString is
search-able using standard tools (Adobe Reader).

In my case I am printing room assignment floor plans with the occupants'
names on them - the floor plan images came from the university and are
loaded as TIFF or PNG files and placed using drawImage, and the names are
drawn from our database and printed at x, y locations using drawText. So in
my case I (painfully) determined the x,y locations where I wanted the text
to print and put that into my database; it works great. For you, it sounds
as if Andy's suggestion of printing the text off the edge of the canvas
might work as well.

Tim Meneely
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