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Paul Keating Paul.Keating at nibc.com
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We use ReportLab, called from Python modules running inside SunGard Front Arena, itself running under Citrix, and have encountered no problems. It has worked splendidly for nearly 3 years, under Python 2.3, 2.5 and 2.6.

Of course, Python, together with ReportLab and friends, and any fonts your documents need, will have to be installed on each of your Citrix boxes. This is a more complex installation than the one-shot "next-next-finish" that most Citrix administrators are accustomed to, so it would be well if your implementation team were to draw up a small manual for their benefit. That part of our Citrix application installation manual runs to about 10 pages, with screenshots.

It's also common for Citrix boxes to have limited or no internet connectivity, so if you run the ReportLab test suite, the two or three tests that involve fetching images from the internet will of course fail.


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I am brand new to ReportLab. I need to find out if there are any compatibility issues with using ReportLab in Citrix. We are doing a feasibility study of using ReportLab in Citrix, and need to find out if there are any known issues before we begin our testing.


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