[reportlab-users] python renderPM.py fails with font errors

Robin Becker robin at reportlab.com
Thu Jan 27 05:27:28 EST 2011

Not sure exactly what is installed by ubuntu, but can you say how your
project/reportlab was installed?

The T1 error is normally raised because the standard font pfb files required to
match the adobe builtin fonts are missing.

When using python to install reportlab the setup.py script tries to download a
zipfile containing the pfb files and put them in the right place. Certainly
those files are present in the ARCH linux package (which I have used), but I
don't know about other distros.

For various reasons the graphics canvas is set up to use Helvetica (standard
adobe) by default and that in turn implies that we need the standard fonts even
if in the end they don't get used.

Can you locate the reportlab installed files? If yes then check the
reprotlab/fonts folder to see if it contains _ai_____.pfb. If not then download
the relevant files here http://www.reportlab.com/ftp/fonts/pfbfer.zip and try to
put them into the reportlab/fonts folder. Then re-run the renderPM.py script as
a test to see if all is well.

On 26/01/2011 21:28, Gregory Tappero wrote:

> Hello reportlab users,


> Since I installed ubuntu 10.04 on a brand new computer and tried to

> deploy my python project using reportlab a new kind of error arose:


> RenderPMError: Can't setFont(ARIAL) missing the T1 files?

> Originally<type 'exceptions.AttributeError'>: TTEncoding instance has

> no attribute 'vector'


> After some digging I read in the doc that I should run renderPM.test

> to see if everyting was ok:


........gument 2 must

> be string, not None


> I could use ttf fonts without troubles before that.


> Any ideas on what could be wrong ?

> Thank you for your help.

Robin Becker

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