[reportlab-users] Splitting paragraph in table cell on '-' as well as white space

Richard Galka rgalka at seccuris.com
Wed Jan 19 11:40:08 EST 2011

I noticed a question about breaking words/strings within a table via special characters occurred last month. This is something that we implemented and works well in our environment.

To ensure long words would break across tables, we subclassed the Paragraph class and modified the 'breakLines' method to either break on special characters or by using a dictionary file (www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/3204 in particular).

We are using ReportLab 2.4, and subclassed the Paragraph class adding two methods (breakOnSyntax and breakWithDictionary) and overriding the original Paragraphs __init__ and breakLines methods.

Hopefully this can help someone out, and again, please remember this is for ReportLab 2.4 and may not be relevant for other versions.

def __init__(self, text, style,
bulletText = None,
frags = None,
Initialize the Paragraph structure and dictionary to use for breaking

self.breakOnSpecial = breakOnSpecial
if dictLoc:
self._dict = dictLoc
self._dict = None
Paragraph.__init__(self, text,style,bulletText,frags,caseSensitive,encoding)

def breakOnSyntax(self, word, syntax=['-','/','\\']):
""" Will split a word based on any symbol(s) identified
word: A string in ascii / utf to be split
syntax: A list of characters in which the word may be split
The list is priorty based, and word will be split on first
character identified
Returns a list composed of:
The split words
Character chosen to split words

newwords = []
syntaxused = ''

for s in syntax:
newwords = word.split(s)
if len(newwords) > 1:
syntaxused = s
if len(newwords)>1:
return (newwords, s)
return ([word], '')

def breakWithDictionary(self, word, dictFile=None, dictBreakChar=None):
""" Will split a word nearest the middle based on a dictionary file
word: A string in ascii / utf to be split
dict: (optional) A Dictionary file identifying lexical makeup
Returns a list composed of
The split words
if dictBreakChar is None:
dictBreakChar = chr(165) # Chr(165) used for Moby hyphenator II

newwords = []
if dictFile is None:
dictFile = self._dict

file = open(dictFile)
except (IOError, TypeError):
return [word]

for line in file:
line = line.strip()
if word == line.replace(dictBreakChar, ''):
#Logical break in the word identified
splitword = line.split(dictBreakChar)
for partialword in splitword:

if not newwords:
# No logical break identified

if newwords:
return newwords
return [word]

In the breakLines(self, width) method we copied the Paragraph method the below modified: (
... #Original Method code
for word in words:
newwords = []
#Make a word array splitting long words
wordWidth = pdfmetrics.stringWidth(word, fontName, fontSize, self.encoding)
newWidth = currentWidth + spaceWidth + wordWidth

If newWidth <= maxWidth:
...# Original Method Code
if (newWidth-currentWidth) > maxWidth:
syntaxuse = ''
#Break apart word if appropriate
if breakOnSpecial:
(newwords,syntaxuse) = self.breakOnSyntax(word)
elif breakOnDict:
newwords = self.breakWithDictionary(word)
if newwords and len(newwords)==1:
word = newwords[0]
elif newwords and len(newwords)>1:
#split into two words
# Below attempts to split into two equal sized words.
# TODO: Identify a better 'join' method using 'maxWidth' and font metrics.
if len(newwords[0]) < len(newwords[-1]):
# Append beginning
tmp = newwords[0]
newwords[0] = tmp+syntaxuse+newwords[0]
tmp = newwords.pop()
newwords[-1] = newwords[-1]+syntaxuse+tmp

#Place newword on wordlist
words.insert(wordcnt, newwords[1])
word = newwords[0]+syntaxuse

wordWidth = pdfmetrics.stringWidth(word, fontName, fontSize, self.encoding)
newWidth = currentWidth + spaceWidth + wordWidth
... #Original Method code

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