[reportlab-users] Non-printable elements

Robin Becker robin at reportlab.com
Mon Feb 7 05:24:13 EST 2011

On 04/02/2011 20:12, Dominique Bischof wrote:

> Is it possible to set individual elements (text, lines, etc.) to be visible when

> the PDF is viewed on the screen, but that do not show when printed? Note, I'm

> not looking to keep the entire page from printing, only parts of it.


This is possible using appearance dictionaries and forms; basically you need to
define a form called formName and then use it as the normal appearance of an

eg (assuming we created a form with the display content) this will create and
show the form and a link in the form, but not show anything when printed. If you
don't need the clickable link don't do the linkURL bit.

> rect = (x0,y0,x0+width,y0+height)

> canv.freeTextAnnotation('','()',rect,relative=1,

> AP=PDFDictionary(dict(N=PDFObjectReference(canv._doc.getXObjectName(formName)))))

> canv.linkURL(url,rect,

> thickness=1,

> relative=1,

> color=None,#toColor((1.0,0,0)),

> Contents=PDFName('A'),

> AP=PDFDictionary(dict(N=PDFObjectReference(canv._doc.getXObjectName(formName)))))

> canv._formsinuse.append(formName)

Robin Becker

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