[reportlab-users] Report for multiple objects

Tim Roberts timr at probo.com
Wed Aug 24 13:04:25 EDT 2011

Asif Jamadar wrote:

> Can you provide code snippet for second option (i,e you can

> build a second web page that basically says "here are your 4 reports,

> click on them one at a time to download them.")

When you are reading the digest version, please take the time to
cut-and-paste the subject line, and please take the time to remove the
rest of the digest from your replies. Your reply had the subject line
"reportlab-users Digest, Vol 89, Issue 17", which is not helpful. The
digest is more convenient, but it requires some extra work on your part

I don't work with django, so I can't give you a code snippet, and this
is a ReportLab list, not a django list, but surely it cannot be hard for
you to create a simple page that says, for example, something like this:

Your request generated four reports. You may fetch the reports one at
a time using the following links:
<li><a href="/reports?id=66773&report=1">Report #1</a>
<li><a href="/reports?id=66773&report=2">Report #2</a>
<li><a href="/reports?id=66773&report=3">Report #3</a>
<li><a href="/reports?id=66773&report=4">Report #4</a>

I certainly know how I'd do it in CherryPy...

Tim Roberts, timr at probo.com
Providenza & Boekelheide, Inc.

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