[reportlab-users] Font size, baseline and typography stuff

Dinu Gherman gherman at darwin.in-berlin.de
Fri Aug 5 09:39:00 EDT 2011

"Andy Robinson" <andy at reportlab.com>:

> I recall that somewhere in the PDF spec, it says that the font metrics

> are figures provided by the designer of the font and may or may not

> coincide with the extreme points actually stroked when drawing the

> character. In fact the font designer might actually want a little

> more or less space around specific glyphs and can achieve this by

> manipulating the metrics.


> (As a corollary, all complaints about any particular font need to be

> directed to the author of the font in question ;-) )


> Robin's technique of actually converting the text to a series of

> curves and asking for the boundaries is about as good as we will ever

> be able to get in ReportLab-land, and hopefully it is feasible for

> titles and 'word art'. It's certainly better than trusting the metrics

> supplied with the font.

I never espected ReportLab to even think of outperforming
Adobe and friends. ;-) But I'll try to get in touch with
a font guru like Just van Rossum to have a definite answer.

Thanks again,


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