[reportlab-users] Multiple bugs in paragraph layout code when firstLineIndent set on paragraph's style

Robin Becker robin at reportlab.com
Thu Apr 21 04:44:53 EDT 2011

On 20/04/2011 21:30, Brett Clouser wrote:

> Hi all,


> I've just recently started using ReportLab and really like it so far! I ran

> into a couple of bugs in the paragraph layout code when I set

> firstLineIndent on the Paragraph's style. When running the following

> snippet, I received the output in foo.pdf (see attached):


> style = ParagraphStyle('fooStyle')

> style.firstLineIndent = 110

> f = Frame(350, 575, 220, 60, topPadding=0, leftPadding=0, rightPadding=0,

> bottomPadding=0, showBoundary=1)

> p = Paragraph("Some really long text that won't necessarily fit on one line.

> This could cause a problem.", style)

> f.addFromList([p], c)


> I believe I tracked down the problem to both the draw() and wrap() functions

> in reportlab\platypus\para.py.


> Line 1073: if not currentlength or nextlength<maxlength:

> When attempting to determine if the line had become too wide, the maxlength

> for the container was being used instead of 'thismaxlength'. The

> 'thismaxlength' variable was used to set maxlength depending on whether the

> first line was being rendered or not.


> Line 1154 in draw(): if first:

> thisindent = firstindent

> When rendering the lines, firstindent was always used since first is never

> set to 0 after the first line has been drawn.


> Is it possible to get a patch for these bugs released? I'm relatively new to

> the process around this, so any guidance would be helpful.


> Thanks,

> Brett

I'll take a look at this soon; your first step is correct reporting here will
normally fix up these simple bugs; if that's what this is it will be fixed.
Robin Becker

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