[reportlab-users] Page number in link text

Robin Becker robin at reportlab.com
Tue Apr 5 05:34:48 EDT 2011

On 05/04/2011 10:09, gonandriy wrote:

> Can I create internal link in PDF document and include in text of this

> link number of page, where it points?

there are examples of deferred content in the reportlab tests; you'll need to
access the source distribution to get hold of those. Technically you'll need to
do a two stage run to obtain the content of the links unless they all point
backwards. The test_pdfgen_links.py illustrates most of the concepts associated
with low level links. If you're using platypus check out the
test_platypus_paragraphs.py file. Look for the <a tags; in paragraphs you can
have <a name="target"> to define a target and <a href="target"> to make a link
to the target. Then you need to find out how to get the page numbers into the text.
Robin Becker

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