[reportlab-users] Farsi[persian] characters are printed wrong

Andy Robinson andy at reportlab.com
Mon Oct 11 07:31:18 EDT 2010

On 11 October 2010 08:41, Nima <nima.g.67 at gmail.com> wrote:


> hello all,

> i tried to print a persian document with reportlab but the result was

> unknows black squares.

> my code is this:

The first problem is that the Helvetica font does not contain any of
the characters you are looking for. Going beyond that, we don't yet
have proper support for the 'character shaping' needed.

I regret it's best to assume we don't support Persian yet; but if you
are interested in helping others to work on this, see the threads on
RTL here.....

Best Regards,

Andy Robinson

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