[reportlab-users] Multipage tables

Henning von Bargen henning.vonbargen at arcor.de
Fri Oct 1 15:58:33 EDT 2010

> From: Juan Efren Castillo<juanefren at gmail.com>

> Subject: Re: [reportlab-users] Multipage tables


> Thanks for your response, I am doing this way:


> canvasTable = Table(data, colWidths=tuple(widths), rowHeights=None)

> w,h = canvasTable.wrapOn(p,3*72,2*72)

> canvasTable.drawOn(p, t.x, page_size[1]-t.y-h, 0)


> So what I understand is to do a wrap for each page ?


I haven't read the complete thread, but...
why don't you just use the platypus package,
collecting all flowables in a list and let
platypus do the table-splitting for you?


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